Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yay, first post on this blog :)
I'm such an internet whoree..

Anyways, I finally got to see a couple of my highschool friends tonight. It was so nice seeing them- I just automatically feel at home. They are people who I feel comfortable being myself around, because they are just like me. In college, you meet people from many different places, so sometimes it's hard to connect with them. Being back in Irvine with my best friends just reminds me of the person I am. I feel like I don't have to ever explain myself or try to make them understand certain things. And that's what I love about them.

Oh, and 27 Dresses is now my new favorite movie. I freaking loved it and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves chick flicks!!
And you know what else is good? Peanut butter and jelly in pita bread. Sounds strange, huh? But it's soo good :P (just like nutella and cream cheese sandwich, but no one ever believes me!)

I loved my makeup today, but too bad I don't have a functioning camera :( I really hope to get another one, but it'll be like my 5th one, so I'm not really expecting it. I hate how I lose everything. It gets very frustrating. I took pics with my camera phone though.. I'll upload them later and see how they turned out.. I'll post them on here if they are any good.

Anyways, it's ridiculously late and I'm still awake. Story of my life. Good night!