Thursday, May 29, 2008

I really really want to go makeup shopping, but I have to save up money for me and my bestfriend's combined birthday party. It'll be a hotel party with the theme of Lingerie Masquerade.. hehee I'm really excited :)

I went sake bombing with my bigsis and bigbro last night!! It was my first time and I got reallyy drunk after just 3 rounds.. super lightweight status haha. It was really fun though and I'm so excited to FINALLY get my bigbro.. We were supposed to have a tuck-in over a month ago, but Panhellenic banned it, so it dragged on until now. I didn't actually get a tuck-in, but the sushi sesh was just as good :)

Here are some of my FOTD's from my weekend home :)
Saturday night (sushi dinner + 27 Dresses at Diana's)

I finally got my hair done on Sunday!! My hair stylist convinced me to go blonder, so here I am rocking the blonde! It's actually darker in real life, the pictures just wash out the colors a little.
Sunday Night (Reunion Kickback at Arman's)

Eyes with double eyelid tape:
I've been starting to use them regularly. It's really fun to play around with makeup with double eyelids hehe. The colors show more and I can use less eyeliner..

Last but not least,
Me and my baby at the train station when I was going home:

&that's all.

I really need to do some homework/reading. I haven't gone to class all week! I'm horrible :X