Thursday, November 6, 2008


I had TWO nights of halloween, both wonderful and full of fun, way-too-drunken times.. which eventually led to some fighting and me breaking my phone completelyyyy :(, BUT oh well I had fun overall..

1st night -- TROPHY WIFE<3
Party at a friend's friend's place.. it was pretty small (and mostly asian..?) cuz it was her little apartment, but fun nevertheless. plus meeting new people was grreat :)
the makeup!!

with my Bum Husband boyfriend heheeee we matched it :)

Apple martini.. so FUCKING good and got me drunk offff my ass pretty quick!! I like :)

some of the peoplee at the party.

2nd Night -- BUMBLEBEE!!<3
My boyfriend's frat's party!! SOOOOO packed. because he's pledging, my boyfriend had to be the bouncer and i would help him.. i got to bitch out people in all my drunken glory!! people were seriously so rude though, trying to push through and sneak in when there were already like 200 people in a pretty small house. CRAZYYY!!

MY COSTUME!! hahah hellzzz yeeah!!

I reeally liked my makeup this day :) it was just smokey, but for some reason i liked it more than usual!

My boyfriend was a SWAT officer.. didn't match :( he wanted to be a sunflower, but none of us had time to make it.

I didn't get any pics at the party though, because we were too busy with everything else and forgot about it :( And I have NO idea how i broke my fucking phone. I looked at it when I got back home and the entire screen is just crackkkeddd.. so now I am using a SUPER GHETTO ASS nokia.. it has snake on it though, so that makes up for its ghettoness :)

anyyyways, that was my awesome halloweeeen :) LOVES IT!!