Thursday, June 12, 2008

I went shopping a few days ago with my girls to relieve some finals stress (1 more to go!) and I bought some stuff from my favorite cheap clothing stores, Forever21 and Charlotte Russe! So instead of studying for my last final like I should be doing.. I'm here posting pictures, blogging, and whatnot. Story of my life haha.

From Charlotte Russe:
Simple pink shirt.. maybe I can even wear it as a clubbing dress hehe

I love these dresses.. makes your boobs look big :)

And I also got this Hello Kitty loungewear dress.. it's really cute but I can't find a picture of it & I have no camera :( But, it's super cute and I love it! hehe

From Forever21:
Black shorts, finally! I could never find a pair that fit well..

Anyways, that's all I got.. not much, but enough for a bit of stress relief haha. I really need to get back to studying.. I really don't want another D in SIO16! (I already got one in Math10B this year.. eek!)