Monday, September 15, 2008

What the Fuck..

Okay so I havent updated in forever because this blog is sort of pointless to me now.. I started it just for fun but then I'm not good with HTML/computer stuff, updating with interesting topics and all that jazz so I sort of abandoned it. Also, my comments don't even work so I don't get feedback or whatever.. so unnnlegit so I just gave up HAHA.

Now, I'm just gonna use this as a sort of ranting place for myself I guess.. It's too hard to keep up with the world of beauty blogging haha.

So basically, there's a fucking bitch who I absolutely despise. We used to be super close friends (she was my suitemate last year) but then she started doing soo many shady things that it became untolerable. She would randomly get mad at me and my friends, and put up post-its about how we're using her and shit.. and she'll get mad if we don't do everything according to her plans.. it's like no, bitch, we have fucking friends outside of YOU. This bitch went so far as to read my fucking DIARY on my computer and that was absolutely the last straw for me. I completely stopped talking to her, but never once did I cuss her out or anything, because I hate drama and I really stay away from shit like that. I just began to ignore her and like forget her you know? NOWW, another friend just told me that she suspects that this bitch has been logging into our facebook accounts.. we had been messaging each other about this bitch's nails (long story) and the bitch totally posted up a picture like explaining her nails or whatever. WAYYY too much of a coincidence.. so we guess that she got access into our accounts. We also both got logged out of our facebooks.. so that's pretty much another sign.

THE WORST PART OF ALL THIS?! SHE'S LIVING WITH US NEXT YEAR!!! (LONNNGGGGG story.. but it can't be changed.. sadly.) We'll have to put up with this shit for another fucking school year which is just.. almost impossible because she practically ruined our first year of college for us with all her nonsense and retarded shananigans. I'll have to move in with her (same apartment) in oneeee week.. so we'll see how it goes. I'm just so pissed that she's invaded my privacy not only ONCE, but now TWICE. What the fuck.. this bitch needs to be kept in line.

Onto more positive things, I'm still in Taiwan :) 4 days moreeee till I get back to sunny Californiaaaa!!! WOOo!! I still have so many things to show my boyfriend around Taipei Cityyy.. we were kinda stuck in the house for the weekend cuz there was a typhooon :( So depressing. Butttt, it's pretty much done now, so we'll be out and about again later on tonight!!