Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Weekend Gone..

Weekends go by way too fast for my liking.. and I always feel like I spent a good part of it doing NOTHING when I have 10394738 things to get done! Of course, I waited until Sunday midnight to start my stupid paper - which was due 1PM of Monday - when I had the ENTIRE weekend to work on it. Typical procrastinating me :[

Brief Weekend Recap:
Friday -- Me and my baby drove 20 minutes to the "asian" area of San Diego and bought a bunch of foood from a Korean market. I also saw the Mandom makeup remover that everyone's raving about at Marukai, but they were sold out of the pink one, so I'm gonna wait a week.

Our dinner:
It's a korean thing called duk bo sam where you wrap meat and veggies inside rice paper, and smear hot sauce on it. SOOO fucking deliCIOUS. I think it's my favorite foood :]

Then we went to Forbidden Yogurt (self-serve!!) and I got like 5 flavors and 3 toppings. MMM <33

Then we went to a kickback at our friend's place where they played many games of beer pong (which I COMPLETELY suck at, because I refuse to drink beer so I never really play). It was pretty chill I guess, but not really my scene. I'm more into the clubbing, dancing, loud partying scene as opposed to the kickbacks.. haha :)

Saturday -- Didn't really do much.. Woke up SUPER late (which I hate because I always feel like I'm wasting the day..). I received some online clothing orders but I only liked one thing so I'm returning the rest. Yay for free return shipping! I made a poster for my sorority little sis, welcoming her into Kappa :] I went to her house and put it on the door of her room when she was at the new member sleepover.

I love it!! :] And yes, i painted that fleur de lis all by myself!!

My baby went with me to go put it up, and after he took me to get the best Mexican food on the planet from COTIXAN.
My California burrito with chicken. sOOO bomb.

Sunday -- Woke up at 5:45 because we had a breast cancer walk early in the morning. It was HELL getting up, but once I was awake, I felt SUPER great. I was driving to my big sis's house and I was just like wow, this is REALLY nice. The streets were all empty except one or two other cars, and the whole place was just so peaceful.. Maybe I should be up at that time more often.

My family at the breast cancer walk!! My little, me, and my big<33

The late crew of girls who got left behind haha. Parking took forever to find!! x[

This is less than half of our entire chapter.. but yes, these girls are amaaazing<333

And that's all I did. I like how none of my posts are very makeup related anymore. I am such a slacker.. I haven't bought anything recently because I'm pretty broke. I don't have a job and even though my parents are quite well-off, they don't like to give me money because they want me to be able to handle "financial things", so they only give me a little to allocate on things I need. Notice: things I need, NOT want. That's what sucks :( But oh well, I guess it's all part of a learning process!! I had an interview at Victoria's Secret but I don't think I'll get the job because I can't work over the holiday.. That's what happened with Ulta. SUCKS, but oh well. I don't know if I wanna work there anyway -- the back looked super cramped and messy.. seeing it already gives me a headache. Whatever happens, it's all good.

Ahhh I have a midterm at 11 tomorrow morning, and I haven't started studying. More procrastinationnn x[ Till next time then!