Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Five Things

5 things I hate about him:

1) He doesn't try academically -- He is such a smart person.. SO intelligent. He learned so much Chinese in such a short amount of time, he learned the Rubik's Cube, etc. etc. I know he is very smart but he just doesn't apply ANY of it to schoolwork. It bothers me how he doesn't value it highly, because I grew up in a family where education was top priority. I guess it's one of our big differences that always kind of get to me when he gets a crappy/failing grade.. How is going to succeed in life if he keeps flunking college classes?

2) He can be really clingy sometimes -- I looove being with him 24/7 of course, but there are times when I really want to do my own things.. and sometimes he'll make me feel bad about not wanting to spend time with him. I see him more than I see ANY of my friends, so I don't get why he's complaining so much. I give him soo much attention already, but I feel like he always needs more.

3) His interests -- It's not that I hate it, but motorcycles are just really dangerous and I feel like I would love him a lot more if he was interested in other things, like sports, or music, or something a lot less risky. And all the money that goes into it.. He could save it up (or spend it on me! :] jk) and help with like, future financial problems or whatever people save up for. It's just because every time he needs something new for his motorcycle, it's not a few dollars here and there, it's always a few HUNDRED and all that money for something so dangerous is just NOT worth it.. in my opinion.

4) His ways of dealing with me -- Sometimes he gets really rude and when he thinks I'm annoying or whatever, he'll just completely ignore me. I'd rather have him yell at me, or like tell me whatever.. but ignoring is just pretty rude. But I guess it comes with the fact that he's pretty quiet and reserved, and he isn't the type to yell (although I have gotten that out of him before...) But still, it bugs me sometimes. I wish he would just scream and let things out rather than deal with it through silent treatment.

5) Sometimes he does things without thinking of me -- This is pretty rare, because he's usually quite considerate, but there ARE those times when I get soo upset because he just does things like he didn't even think about me before he did it. They're usually stupid, little things, but just being a dramatic girl, it always gets to me. This one is pretty hard to explain because it's one of those feelings you get when certain things happen, so it's more subjective.. Whatever though, basically, sometimes he'll do or neglect to do things that I feel like he should've done - not high maintenance things, but the basic little things he could do for me.

5 things I love about him:

1) How it feels when he holds me at night (and whenever) -- He is probably the most comfortable person to sleep in the arms of because he is very firm but soft at the same time. It always feels SO perfect when I am snuggling beside him or anywhere on him. There are hardly any positions we snuggle in that are uncomfortable, and I just always feel so lovey dovey when I get to enjoy his big bear hugs.

2) The random times he surprises me for no reason at all, except that he loves me -- It's not something that happens every week, but that's what makes it so special because I never know when I'm gonna get a completely unexpected surprise. One of my favorites was when he showed up at my summer school after I got out of class, and he had put a rose on my window (he lives like an hour away, so he totally drove over in the morning). And I was on the phone with him whileee he was in the parking lot and he was making up stories about being in the garage with his mom.. LOL. Just one of many examples where he would unnecessarily go out of his way to make me happy.

3) He makes me a better person -- Since I met him, many people can testify that I have become a much better person in almost every aspect. I don't drink as much, hook up with random people, etc. etc. On top of all that, I am much healthier now, because he makes me want to look good, so I've been eating healthy, drinking water, exercising, and all that good stuff because he encourages me and compliments me. I have much more confidence and self-respect because he made me realize a lot of great things about myself that I never bothered to look at. Basically, he has shaped me to become an infinitely better person.

4) I know I can depend on him for anything -- No matter if I'm having a good day, bad day, no matter what is going on with me in my life, he has allllways had my back since before we even got together. He's stuck by my side through all the fights I've had with other people, and he was there to comfort me during hard times -- when my family moved away, both my grandpa's deaths, my breast biopsy, all of it. And I am so grateful that I had him throughout all that because I really wouldn't have known how to deal with it all. He has been my biggest support through the good and the bad, and he is the best person I can go to for advice or just someone who will listen to me and CARE about me.

5) How much he loves me -- He never goes a day without telling me he loves me, even on the days we've been fighting. He kisses me at least a million times every day (I call him a kissywhore) and he hugs me all the time. That might explain why he can get a littlee clingy but it's only because he loves me so much he just wants to be with me ALL THE TIME. He cares enough to call me, text me, whenever anything happens, or just to see what's up and if I'm okay, etc. He makes it very clear how much he loves me, so he is someone I never want to give up. Even though we haven't even hit the 10-month mark, I can already picture the rest of my life with him, because he makes me complete as a person. And I want him to be my kids' daddy because I knowww he would make a great father and he is someone I would definitely want my kids to look up to (except in the academics area..) And I love him just as much.

Okay, writing this makes me realize all the good things about him, all the reasons why I do love him, even through all the bad times we have (/are having right now.....). I think everything will turn out ok in the end, because if it's meant to be, it will end up just the way you want it to.. happily ever after.

The end.